Pocket concert series

For me, playing the piano is a physical and mental saturation in the music. But when I am an audience member, I often find myself separated by an imagined barrier, unable to immerse myself in the music in the same way I am able to as a performer. So, I’ve created a series of mini concerts, with the intention of finding ways to erase the boundary between performer and audience, presented in the intimacy of the private home. Attendees are invited to sit or lie on the floor, close their eyes, and stay saturated in sound for the entire performance without needing to check a program or clap between sections.

Each series consists of the same program; a single larger work presented in isolation, so it can better be taken on its own terms.

Brahms: Op. 118

-September 8, 2019

-Sept 15, 2019

-October 20, 2019

-October 27, 2019

Please check back for further dates. Invite inquiries can be made through the contact button.

Open space duo

Dr. Lachman and violinist Michiko Theurer form the Open Space Duo. In 2016, they advanced to the semi-finals of the inaugural Boulder International Chamber Music Competition. In 2018, they attended the Avaloch Farm Music Institute. They co-write a blog, found here.


Earth, Sea, Sky

An album about the seasons, weather, and atmosphere. Earth Sea Sky features four compositions by composer Nathan Hall. '24 Preludes' is a collaboration with pianist Rose Lachman and alternates the signs of the zodiac with the months of the year. 'The Garden, The Sea' is a fantasy for solo piano evoking the California coast, commissioned by Rose Lachman. 'Chinook' is a percussion quartet derived from wind patterns specific to Boulder, Colorado. 'Jökulsárlón' is a piece for harp, percussion, and electronics that evokes the sounds and atmosphere of Iceland's most famous glacial lagoon.

RELEASED DECEMBER 5th, 2015  |  Sheet music for '24 Preludes' is available.