The study of music is an amazing and beautiful process. It has incredibly positive impacts on our intellectual, emotional, and physical selves, at all ages and levels of development. Learning to play music heightens perception, analysis, communication, and expression. For beginning students, learning a new skill can be a transformative experience. For experienced musicians, outside ears and eyes support consistent development of one's personal best. For everyone, musical study provides a space to develop technical and kinesthetic ability, intellectual analysis, communication of emotion, and artistic sensibility. 

Dr. Lachman has taught since 1999, and is a focused and passionate educator. She specializes in teaching adults of all skill levels, from complete beginners to highly advanced players, in a calm and supportive atmosphere. Her work centers around the ways in which students learn and process information, the different possibilities of expressing oneself through music, and the sheer joy of playing the piano. Students learn sight-reading, aural skills, and a healthy technique, all through a variety of repertoire. Located in central Boulder.